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Proposed New Jennie Moore School Campus

Jennie Moore Elementary School


The Charleston County School District purchased land behind Jennie Moore Elementary School with the intent to build a multiple school campus to replace Laing Middle School and Jennie Moore and build out that campus in two phases. But with enrollment projections expected to exceed the elementary school's capacity, the district's staff has now proposed a three school campus to be built in one phase.

The proposal is similar to the campus in Park West that houses Laurel Hill Primary School, Pinckney Elementary School and Cario Middle School.

This building project already has the authority to proceed with an advanced design for an 800 student elementary school and a primary school which would come later.

But according to Chief Operating Officer for Capital Programs, Bill Lewis, 'as we got into the design process we knew we needed to make sure our assumptions that the capacity of Jennie Moore being 800 students was going to be sufficient to serve the East Cooper community.'

 it was decided that a new elementary school slated for 800 students would not be enough. The school would essentially open over capacity. 'Through a series of meetings it became clear that our recommendation would be to start with building a 1,000 seat primary school and a 900 seat elementary school in one phase,' Nichols said.

'The numbers told us we didn't have the luxury to build it in two phases.

Nichols and Lewis both cautioned parents not to be concerned about redistricting at this point. There will be no redistricting for the 2010/2011 school year.

Lewis said that because the schools east of the Cooper are so good, people are still moving to the area despite the recession. He explained that there is quite a bit of migration from private schools as well, which causes enrollment to continuously go up.

There are adequate funds to do the advanced design but no funds to build the schools. That money would have to come from a bond referendum in November 2010. If it passes, Lewis said construction would begin in spring of 2011 and the school would open in the summer of 2013.


There are no plans right now to do any rezoning of any students in District II or to bring children to Jennie Moore now. According to Nichols, the existing Jennie Moore facility is at capacity. The Constituent School Board is the body in charge of drawing school district boundaries. 'That board, when they begin talking {and they have not} will have public engagement opportunities and parents can hear the area's proposals and comment. And the board may end up putting together three or more options,' she said. 'There are no plans now because Jennie Moore is overcrowded and there is no where to put them.'

In the meantime Laing will stay at Wando South and Jennie Moore will stay in their existing facility until construction is complete.

The sale of Laing is still underway. The district is currently going through a rezoning process with the Town of Mount Pleasant to rezone the property as commercial so tax payers can get the highest and best value for that property, according to Lewis. The rezoning application passed first reading at the Planning Commission level last week.